Sneak Peek: The Next Big Thing From Defender, The Cloud 9

Sneak Peek: The Next Big Thing From Defender, The Cloud 9

If you have been to any of our events or watched the interview of Defender founder Dr. Jason Hanft and designer Michael DiTullo with Neil deGrasse Tyson, you may have noticed a new Defender product we call the Cloud 9. Years of research and development went into making the Foot Defender the most functional, stylish, and comfortable product out there to help heal Diabetic Foot Wounds (DFUs). The team at Defender has been hard at work at new ways to apply those learnings to make everyday life a little better and a little more comfy.

Above: the Cloud 9 with the Foot Defender and the Heel Defender at the SAWC (Symposium on Advanced Wound Care) 2022 Spring conference.

Our vision for the Cloud 9 is to take all of the amazing research, material science, and technology development that we put into engineering the foundation of the Foot Defender and put it into an easy to wear clog. The cloud 9 features the same 22mm thick triple material insole that the Foot Defender has making it a great companion shoe for the opposite foot from your wound. It is also a great product to wear after you no longer need the Foot Defender.

Above: The Foot Defender sockliner that features 22mm or unique cushioning materials including Absorbium™, Defender’s patented viscoelastic material

We worked hard to make a great product for people with foot wounds and issues. As is often the case when innovation is applied to a specific problem, we also happened to make one of the most comfortable shoes ever made for just about anyone. For those of us who find themselves working from home from time to time, the Cloud 9 is an excellent protection from hard tile and wood flooring surfaces. It’s also great for running a quick errand or two.

At Defender we want to protect your feet in comfort and style, and the Cloud 9 is the next implementation of that vision. While it’s not ready just yet, please stay tuned for the future release date of the Defender Cloud 9.

Above: The Cloud 9 in Black/White/Red to match the Foot Defender and in White/Grey/Gum, both classic sneaker colorways

To learn more about Defender, contact us, call +1 305-204-7203 or connect on LinkedIn. 

Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft




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