InBusiness Magazine: Foot Defender+® Powered by Sensoria®

InBusiness Magazine: Foot Defender+® Powered by Sensoria®

InBusiness magazine, a leading publication for innovation, highlights the FootDefender+® in its December issue featuring sensor-infused Bluetooth technology with real-world outcomes for people living with diabetes-related foot ulcers.

Sensoria®, is the leading developer of wearable technology solutions, offering a cloud-based system and Bluetooth communication with multiple devices. With embedded Sensoria tech and its shared digital information, providers can remotely monitor patients’ movement, activity, and progress. In turn, the boosted healing environment results in improved outcomes, benefitting short- and long-term outcomes associated with diabetes-related foot ulcers.

“Through embedded sensors, microelectronics, and cloud software, Sensoria® Health makes sense of data and extends the reach of clinicians to deliver better outcomes for aging patients,” shared Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria Health. “We think of Sensoria as the ‘INTEL Inside’ healthcare wearables and cloud-based remote patient monitoring solutions. We infuse everyday garments, accessories, and footwear with sensors and connect them to the patient and his or her clinician.”

With devastating statistics surrounding diabetes and limb amputations, this collaboration is set to decrease diabetes-related health disparities and improve patient outcomes across the spectrum of healthcare delivery. Foot Defender powered by Sensoria® promotes remote monitoring while offering a revenue stream for the healthcare team. Read the InBusiness article in full here.

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Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft


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