Disruptive Innovation: Foot Defender® on America ByDesign™

Disruptive Innovation: Foot Defender® on America ByDesign™

In November, Foot Defender® was featured on an episode of America ByDesign™, a series highlighting innovative designs across America. Watch as America ByDesign™ breaks down the construction of Foot Defender® with Founder and CEO Jason Hanft, and designer Michael DiTullo.

Created with purpose and design excellence, Foot Defender® was built to solve a serious problem: diabetes-related foot ulcers. In doing so, Defender has disrupted the standards in healing footwear which has been hampered by inefficient design for decades.

Why disrupt this market? The statistics speak for themselves. One in ten Americans have diabetes. Every year about 3 million diabetes-related foot wounds require treatment. Moreover, 85% of these wounds will become infected leading to limb- and life-threatening situations.

Foot Defender® has been 6 years in the making. It features superior offloading (50% more than other boots), is easy to put on and adjust, and has a modern “sneaker” appearance. Research shows when Foot Defender® is worn in place of traditional CAM boots, people are not only recovering faster, they’re living longer.

Watch Hanft and DiTullo on America ByDesign™ on CBS as they share the execution of their disruptive idea and take the market by storm with their limb- and life-saving creation. By starting from the ground up, Foot Defender® has been built to defend what matters most— your quality of life.

Prevent, detect, and treat foot wounds with Foot Defender®. Contact us, call +1 305-204-7203 or connect on LinkedIn. 

Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft


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