Just A Flesh Wound, John Cleese Uses The Foot Defender

Just A Flesh Wound, John Cleese Uses The Foot Defender

"It was only a flesh wound. But it just wouldn’t heal!.

After suffering for 3 whole years with an open wound on the underside of my left big toe, I was eventually referred to Dr Hanft for an expert opinion and treatment.  

He explained that by walking, I was putting pressure on the wound and that’s what had stopped it from healing. He also demonstrated how I could walk and at the same time reduce the pressure on the toe.

So he fitted me for a Foot Defender, a device he has invented himself.

The Foot Defender looked more like a sneaker than the other devices I had tried. I found that putting it on and removing it was easy. In addition, I found it to be comfortable, so it allowed me to walk more easily, which, in turn encouraged me to use it whenever I was walking. To my surprise my wound healed within 23 days after my first steps in the Foot Defender.

So, I have now a better understanding of how I need to reduce pressure on my foot to avoid problems like this in the future. My experience with Dr Hanft’s Foot Defender has been fantastic and I wish I had been introduced to it earlier."

• John Cleese, Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter and Producer

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Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft


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