Holiday Greetings & Happy New Year From The Defender Team

Holiday Greetings & Happy New Year From The Defender Team

It's been an unbelievable year at Defender!

Since the launch of Foot Defender® this past April, it seems not a week goes by without reaching a milestone or receiving accolades for our mission to heal wounds and save the limbs of those with diabetes-related foot ulcers.

The wound care world has clearly affirmed the need for a modern off-loading boot that is an effective treatment for diabetes-related foot wounds.

We're proud to share the following awards that Foot Defender® and the Defender team have received in 2022:

• Podiatry Today’s 10 most innovative products in wound care
• Best new product in Podiatry
• APMA Seal of Acceptance
• Core 77 design award
• 2022 Good Design Award
• The International Design Awards (IDA) honorable mention
• Advanced Wound Care, 1st place new product pitch competition

In addition, we are excited to share that Foot Defender® has received an abundance of media coverage in 2022. Highlights include product features on America ByDesign™, a series highlighting innovative designs across America, and “Best Foot Forward,” a StarTalk® podcast with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

In alignment with Defender’s principle objective to offer superior offloading capabilities with each step, the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) has highlighted offloading as the #1 recommendation for the treatment of diabetes-related foot ulcers in their new 2023 Standards of Care in Diabetes. Taking your next steps with foot defender® is more important than ever.

It included five basic principles of diabetic foot ulcer treatment, which are listed below. You will notice that off-loading is listed as #1!

• Offloading of plantar ulcerations
• Debridement of necrotic, nonviable tissue
• Revascularization of ischemic wounds when necessary
• Management of infection: soft tissue or bone
• Use of physiologic, topical dressings

We are looking forward to continued progress and success in 2023. In this coming year we hope to create a greater impact on systemic change in the management of patients with diabetes-related foot wounds. This entails education of providers and patients to seek early implementation of effective offloading, and to discontinue use of ineffective devices such as shoes to treat and heal wounds.

The entire Defender team wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! Help us Defend What Matters in 2023!

Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft


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