For Every Step of Life

For Every Step of Life

We designed the Foot Defender to go with you. A lot of protective boots use urethane soles on the bottom of the device with smooth traction surfaces. This urethane material tends to be very slippery when wet making many of our competitors’ products inappropriate for use on a lot of surfaces outside of a home or office environment.

At Defender, we know that to heal your diabetic foot wound as quickly and effectively as possible you need to wear your protective boot literally every step of every day. We developed a superior proprietary cushioning material we called Absorbium®, advanced geometry to control the pressure on the bottom of the foot and we made the Foot Defender extremely easy to put on and take off quickly, but all of that wasn’t enough. We also took the time to design a high traction outsole with high grip rubber. This full rubber “cupsole” construction technique makes the Foot Defender much more rugged than many of its competitors. On the bottom of the Foot Defender you can see its uniquely designed, extra-depth, multi-direction traction pattern. That traction pattern gives you a more secure footing on more surfaces. We want to make sure that with every step you take you feel as stable as possible. The durable spacer mesh, leather, and rubber exterior of the Foot Defender is easy to clean with a little soap and water if it does get a little dirty.

The extra effort that went into making the Foot Defender was well worth it from our point of view. We know that while you heal you might need to go to work or run errands. We want you to feel comfortable if you take a short walk with your grandkids or a short leisurely stroll around your neighborhood. Living life is a part of the healing process. So let us help you Defend What Matters!

Foot Defender® = Healed DFU


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Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft




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