Foot Defender: Superior to CAM Boots for Diabetes-Related Foot Ulcers

Foot Defender: Superior to CAM Boots for Diabetes-Related Foot Ulcers

Diabetes is a common and serious disease, and there are about 37 million people in the U.S. living with it. One of the health challenges people with diabetes may face is the development of foot ulcers. And they can begin from something as simple as having a small object in their shoe that can’t be felt.

The longer someone has diabetes, and their blood glucose is out-of-range, the more likely it is that they’ll develop blood vessel and nerve problems. Together, these issues can lead to pain, numbness, slow healing of wounds, and open sores on the feet.

When dry skin, a callus, or open sore becomes infected, it can lead to devastating consequences — especially when it’s left untreated, because when affected skin and muscle die, there isn’t a fix. Research shows that about 68% of lower extremity amputations are related to diabetes. 

This is why it’s so important to off-load pressure from the area when there’s still a chance for successful healing. Until now, the best healing method for diabetes-related foot ulcers has been a cast or a controlled ankle movement (CAM) boot. 

• Casting is heavy, prevents hygiene, and hampers mobility.  

• CAM Boots were designed to treat orthopedic injuries, not diabetes-related foot ulcers. Additionally, research shows that CAM boots are not an effective healing strategy for these issues. 

Over 5,000 interviews point to the reasons why CAM boots aren’t being worn, they include:

• Difficulty putting it on and taking off

• Self-consciousness about wearing a boot with a “medical” appearance 

• Confusion related to self-care

• Interruptions of daily life activities

How does Foot Defender solve these issues? Defender has been designed from the ground up to off-load pressure from diabetes-related foot ulcers.

✔ Offloads pressure where most ulcers happen (takes weight off the ball of the foot), placing it on the arch of the foot and leg instead — Foot Defender does this 50% better than any other boot on the market

✔ Ease of putting on, taking off, and adjusting

✔ Lightweight, comfortable, and modern “sneaker” appearance results in increased wear time

✔ Top of the boot stops at mid-shin

✔ Design prevents rubbing and gait issues that can cause ulcerations on the non-affected foot

Most importantly, research shows that 80% of people wearing Foot Defender healed in 5 ½ weeks. While it typically takes 12 weeks for 21% of people to heal in other CAM boots.

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Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft 


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