Defender Featured on the Message Engineer Podcast

Defender Featured on the Message Engineer Podcast

In the latest episode of the Message Engineer podcast, host Maureen Shaffer interviews Jason Hanft, the inventor of the Foot Defender and a podiatrist who has been involved in over 100 clinical trials and holds multiple patents and trademarks. Maureen is also joined by Michael DiTullo, who has designed footwear products for Nike, Jordan, and Converse. The discussion centers around the importance of simplicity in design and how it can lead to products being easier to use for everyone, not just those with specific needs like arthritis. The example of OXO is used as a case in point. As always, the aim of the podcast is to help MedTech startups communicate and message powerfully by sharing insights from industry experts.

Watch the entire conversation here:

To learn more about Defender, contact us, call +1 305-204-7203 or connect on LinkedIn. 

Posted by Dr. Jason Hanft


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